Project funded to develop a new treatment to stop ALS

Project funded to develop a new treatment to stop ALS

The project lead by Rubén López-Vales, from the Group NPiR, entitled "A new treatment to stop the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)", will investigate the contribution of a new family of lipids to modulate neuroinflammation in mice with ALS, looking for a new therapy that will be more effective than the current ones. The objective is to stop the progression of ALS and find new biomarkers that predict their evolution.

The project has been selected, after a rigorous selection process with the participation of more than 250 experts, and will receive a maximum of 500,000 euros, which will be provided by the "La Caixa" Foundation and the Luzón Foundation.

GENESIS Ventures invierte en NeuroHeal

GENESIS Ventures invierte en NeuroHeal

GENESIS Ventures confía en NeuroHeal, un producto de la investigación del Grupo de Neuroplasticidad y Regeneración, del Institut de Neurociències de la UAB, para llevar a cabo su primera inversión.

- El fondo de inversión gestionado por la consultora GENESIS Biomed invierte 75.000€ en el desarrollo preclínico de NeuroHeal, una nueva combinación farmacológica que acelera la regeneración nerviosa.

- El acuerdo permitirá acelerar el desarrollo del producto y avanzar en la creación de una spin-off.

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Group of Neuroplasticity and Regeneration

The research activities of the Group focus on the study of physiopathological mechanisms of neural lesions, neuropathic pain and neurodegeneration, and on the application of novel therapeutic strategies for regenerating traumatic and degenerative lesions of the nervous system.

The members of the group have combined expertise in microsurgery, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, morphology, cell culture, cellular and molecular neurobiology, bioelectronics and immunology.

The group has established cooperative research in clinical neurosciences, particularly on new nerve repair therapies with the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, in modulation of neural plasticity after brain and spinal cord lesions with the Institute Guttmann of Neurorehabilitation, and in motoneuron diseases and neuropathies with the Hospital of Bellvitge.

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